Thursday, January 24, 2008

1 lb Napolitain Sampler Ballotin - Mint, Cinnamon, Orange, Nibs, Feuilletine, 72% Pure Origin Sao Tome, Milk, White, Dark

Product Features
  • An assortment of Leonidas Napolitains
  • Nine varieties means you'll never be bored
  • Includes Napolitains Dark, White, Milk, Orange, Nibs, Feuilletine, Mint, 72% Pure Origin, and Cinnamon
  • Net weight 1 lb - Approx 70 Pieces - each piece individually wrapped
  • Ideal for gifts, or simply to indulge!
Product Description
Sitting around after dinner can be so much more interesting if you serve these delicate treats with your coffee. Leonidas' Napolitain Sampler Ballotin is filled with an assortment of our newest pieces. Unwrap and sample each colorful square and choose a favorite. Orange: an exotic blend of orange and dark chocolate, Cinnamon: a dark chocolate cinnamon flavored morsel, Mint: a dark chocolate square with a hint of mint, Feuilletine: a delectable milk chocolate morsel with chunks of crispy biscuit, Nibs: dark chocolate with fragments of biscuit, 72% Pure Origin: for true chocolate afficionados.