Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3-D Candy Rose Lollipops RED

Product Features
  • 3-Dimensional Red Rose Lollipops with a yummy strawberry flavor!
  • Sucker Dimensions- Diameter: 1 inch; Thickness: 1 inch; Height: 1 inch.
  • Unit Price : $0.45/lollipop.
  • Total Length: 12 Inches.
  • Bag contains 120 strawberry 3-D red rose lollipops.
Product Description
It's bouquet time! These cute 3 dimensional rose-shaped lollipops on long, flexible sticks are colorful and yummy.... and easy to arrange into a floral bouquet! They make excellent gifts, favors, and decorative displays, at home or the office. Of course, with their yummy strawberry flavor, they might disappear.... but you can always get more. Each bag contains 120 delicious 3-D red rose lollipops. Each rose is individually wrapped with cellophane.