Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ovidias Belgian Chocolates - Multi Mix (125 Gram)

Product Features

  • Made from REAL DAIRY CREAM
  • Innovative packaging to preserve freshness and color
  • Taste like they were made the same day
  • Available in three varieties
  • Imported from Belgium
Product Description
While in Europe, we sampled some delicious Belgian chocolates. They were so superb and delicious, we couldn't resist bringing them back to the U.S. with us. The unique attribute of Ovidias Belgian chocolates is that they are filled with a rich sweet paste made from REAL DAIRY CREAM. Although the chocolates sold in specialty chocolate shoppes are filled with real cream, no other commercially available chocolates are made this way due to the perishable nature of the cream-filling and the fact that chocolate turns white under refrigeration. To produce such a chocolate, Ovidias had to reinvent the way Belgian chocolates were packaged. The patented solution consists of each chocolate being individually wrapped in a gas-flushed pouch, then packed in an easy-to-open gas-flushed aluminum can (you don't need a can opener). This system provides an oxygen-free environment, preserving freshness and color (even under refrigeration) and allows you to enjoy real Belgian cream-filled chocolates that taste like they were made the very same day. Available in three varieties, MegaMix contains large-sized delights filled with extra cream. Multi Mix is a sinful mix of Ovidias' white, dark, and milk chocolates. Nut Mix offers a variety of chocolate truffles filled with cream and crushed nuts. Ideal for anyone who wants a variety of fine Belgian chocolates or as a timely gift, these chocolates are sure to please!